Digital Experience MVP 2023

The MVP selection process is based on Transparency, Authenticity, and Community. The whole selection process is transparent. Anyone who meets the criteria can apply or be nominated for free. There is no fee associated.

The Digital Experience MVP award selection process involves a public election phase, where community members vote on candidates based on their submitted applications. It is followed by an internal election phase where shortlisted candidates vote for their peers, excluding themselves, to determine the final awardees.

Digital Experience Community MVP 2023

The following are the five individuals who have won the MVP award for 2023.

Balaji Kandasamy

Balaji Kandasamy

Himadri Chakrabarti

Himadri Chakrabarti

Matthew McQueeny

Matthew McQueeny

Roel Kuik

Roel Kuik

Sathish Balakrishnan

Sathish Balakrishnan

Who Should Apply?

The Digital Experience MVP award recognizes outstanding individuals who have demonstrated excellence in various dimensions of the digital experience domain. The Digital Experience MVP award aims to celebrate professionals who have significantly advanced the field of digital experience, regardless of the specific trait(s) they embody. Nominees for this prestigious recognition may possess one or more of the following key traits:

Technical Prowess

This trait celebrates technologists, developers, architects, and DevOps professionals who exhibit remarkable skills in building cutting-edge solutions that enhance the digital experience. Their technical expertise drives innovation and ensures seamless user interactions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Emphasizing the significance of customer experience professionals who excel in creating positive and meaningful interactions throughout the customer journey. Their dedication to meeting customer needs fosters loyalty and drives business growth.

Community Advocacy

Highlighting individuals who are passionate about fostering an inclusive and collaborative digital experience community. They actively share insights, raise awareness about advancements, and advocate for a vendor-agnostic approach, leaving a lasting impact on the digital experience landscape.


Here is the list of Applicants/Nominees for the 2023 Digital Experience MVP Award.

Rasmus Lynggaard

My commitment to advancing digital experience is demonstrated through my dual expertise as a technical strategist and consultant. I actively bridge technology with business objectives, pioneering no/low-code and AI-driven solutions that redefine e-commerce. My active participation in the forum and conducting webinars showcasing different DX vendors, along with hands-on consulting for some of Denmark's top e-commerce solutions, showcases my dedication to innovation, customer-centric strategies, and community advocacy. These efforts underscore my suitability for the MVP title as I strive to foster growth and collaboration in the digital experience domain.

Corina Boland

As a woman in "tech sales" and digital biz dev since 2003, 20 years in the industry well-aligns my candidature for this DX MVP recognition. My expertise and passion in crafting digital experiences and bringing forth vision for diverse brands is more than building a pretty website. My certifications / industry recognitions in MVP programs with Sitecore and Coveo (2020-present) are a nod to my advocacy in digital placemaking and applying true innovation in each of my projects. I am VP of Growth and Innovation of one of Canada's oldest creative agencies, Sid Lee.

George Chang

I have been working in the digital experience space for over a decade across a number of different platforms, working for both agencies and customers. What I love is to create discourse as I'm a firm believer that discussion results in new ideas and new perspectives. I've had the unique experience of coming from a deeply technical background and being able to apply software engineering principles to marketing and content to provide a perspective that's atypical to traditional marketing - and that's a lot of fun.

Steve Sobenko

I'm an experienced CMS/DXP professional, working mainly in healthcare and finance, with over 20 years in the field. I focus on integrating CMS systems smoothly into our clients' digital operations. I'm skilled in both old and new CMS tech and help businesses navigate the tricky parts of digital upgrades. My job is to evaluate their current tech, find what's missing, and suggest better options that fit their future plans. I've led CMS teams and shaped practices at Merge, Rightpoint, and Nishtech.

Anna Bründel

I've been working in the Digital Experience corner for 15 years now, during the last years mainly concentrating on Sitecore. My main focus is community engagement and knowledge sharing. I am running the Sitecore Usergroup Germany with my team, initiated the German SitecoreLunch and am part of the organizing team for the Sitecore Usergroup Conference Europe. I blog about challenges I accomplished with different Sitecore products (so far), in the hope helping others with that and also like to hold talks and visit different usergroups. Being active in the community is the key I think :)

Jaina Baumgartner

I have been part of the Digital Experience community for a long time. I am one of very few, if not the only person to have Strategy MVPs in multiple MarTech platforms to show for it: Sitecore, Optimizely, and Coveo. I have helped many companies achieve the personalization goal and optimization culture in a variety of industries: staffing and recruiting, professional services, legal, higher ed, associations and non profits, financial services, travel and hospitality, B2B manufacturing and distribution, etc. I believe I can be a huge asset for this community and can help develop the next generation of DX leaders.

Vaishali Dialani

As a recognized, award-winning Woman in CX from Dubai, I am a firm believer in the power of community empowerment. Throughout my career, I've ventured across diverse industries, including fintech, education, healthcare, and more. With a customer-centric approach, I've seamlessly integrated the 'experience' perspective into various contexts, covering digital design, analytics, strategy, research, customer voice, and other DX competencies. Receiving this prestigious recognition would not only shine a much-needed light on the CX community within the DX industry that I am passionate about serving but also inspire professionals to embrace a holistic 'experience' design attitude, ultimately fostering innovation and excellence..

Maulik Darji

In my career, I have had the opportunity to help numerous clients achieve their goals by implementing digital experience solutions. My work has often involved integrating external systems with Sitecore and advising clients on their digital marketing strategies. Throughout these projects, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various technology stacks. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with others in the community through blogging and organizing user groups.

Abhinav Srivastav

It's a great platform for digital experience for the sitecore MVP community and as i am working on the sitecore channel partner company. MVP is a great community to show you potential towards company that are sitecore partners for the log time

Jitendra Soni

I've played a pivotal role in elevating the digital journeys of multiple global clients, from wireframe design and UX to end-to-end solutioning and successful project delivery. My approach is deeply rooted in a digital-first mindset, emphasizing human-centric design. With a track record of relevant experience and a collection of certificates and awards, including three consecutive years as a Sitecore MVP and an Azure architect certification, my qualifications speak to my expertise in the field.

Navneet Pisharodi

With two decades of experience, my passion for customer digital transformations is enhanced by learning from esteemed community peers. I specialize in Sitecore's products, driving thought leadership and shaping platform roadmaps, such as a successful PaaS to AKS to SaaS transition. I've recently architected a thriving Jamstack frontend for a SaaS headless CMS. Sharing knowledge is essential; I mentor, speak, write, and actively engage in the community. Ongoing learning is crucial; I'm focused on composable SaaS products and frontend tech stacks. My expertise, contributions, innovation, and commitment to learning make me a strong candidate for the Digital Experience MVP title.


I am huge believer of sharing knowledge with the community. I am quite active in writing helpful blogs and sharing my ideas that may help the community better. I contribute by responding queries on Sitecore community with helpful answers, and also on the Slack channels. With over 13 years of experience in working on CMS, CDP, end to end digital experience, I like to contribute in all possible ways I can. I would like to be considered for Digital Experience MVP for my contributions and this will encourage me more to contribute even further.

Koen Heye

I shifted my focus from a pure conventional single CMS developer to a dynamic more client-centric one with an emphasise on seamless integrations and composability. This is reflected in my role as a solution architect in its comprehensive support for clients' content management, data management, online (marketing)strategies and delivery tools. Always looking for the best fit - within budget off course ;-). I'm proud of this evolution and being able to think more vendor-agnostic has enabled me to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions. Empowering clients to achieve their digital objectives with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Anton Tishchenko

I believe that I am eligible to be selected as Digital Experience MVP because of 2 reasons. First of all, I spread my knowledge across the community. Second, I developed in public the technical things that didn't exist before and that can give you to get more benefits to get the best from your system. This year I implemented open source Astro SDK for Sitecore JSS. I advocate Astro+Sitecore to counterbalance the ubiquitous usage of Next.js. Also, I wrote a lot of articles about headless with Sitecore. And I have contributed to different technical things over the last 10 years.

Varun Nehra

In my view, MVP goes beyond professional excellence; they are a thought leader who nurtures and uplifts the DX community. With two decades of experience delivering cutting-edge content and commerce solutions and building digital practices, I've had the privilege of advising C-level executives on their digital transformation roadmap. I also collaborate with technology vendors by offering product feedback to help enhance their offerings. As a dedicated public speaker and advocate, I passionately share my insights through diverse online and offline channels, nurturing the DX community which should further solidify my standing as a Digital Experience MVP.

Ankit Joshi

I've been working in the Tech/DXP/CMS world for around 12 Years, and constantly sharing with the community via my Blogs/Youtube/UserGroups etc.. I believe that I'm eligible for Digital Experience MVP because of my contributions to the community round the year.As an advocate to the Sitecore Composable Architecture to our clients, i along with our teams doing lot of work in the DXP space to better position Sitecore/DXP suite to our clients. As a 5 times Sitecore Technology MVP, i understand the power of sharing and learning together, and i look forward to follow the same as Digital Experience MVP.

Sumit Kumar

I have started my Career as a Sitecore developer. in a time span of 2 Years, I have worked on Sitecore 9, Sitecore 9.3, Sitecore 10, and Sitecore 10.3, Sitecore Headless, Sitecore CDP, Sitecore XM Cloud, Sitecore Search. I have a very good understanding of Sitecore .Net architecture as well as Sitecore Headless Architecture.

Meng Hak

I have been working in the digital space for close to 15 years. Over those years, I have delivered solutions in a wide variety of verticals such as Finance, Health, Hospitality, Commerce, and Education. I hold certifications in Sitecore, CDP, Optimizely, Coveo, and ContentStack. I am an early adopter of new technologies and was one of the first to implement a Sitecore JSS solution. I am the developer for Sitecore Vault and have contributed to Sitecore Flex. On the community side, I have contributed to discussions on Slack channels, blogged, created guides, and contributed to open-source projects.

Mohamed Cherif

As a consultant specializing in Digital Experience, with a keen focus on augmenting digital experiences through Generative AI, I believe I am an ideal candidate for the Digital Experience MVP. My expertise centers on enhancing digital interactions by strategically leveraging composable platform capabilities. I excel in navigating and applying advanced AI technologies, showcasing a forward-thinking and comprehensive understanding of both current and future digital trends.

Yamini Punyavathi Muttevi

I believe that I'm eligible for this MVP because of my contributions throughout the year that helped community in one or the other way. My contributions include Writing Articles and Organizing Sessions on the Composable Products that help understand and Implement in an efficient way. Founded the User Group and actively organizing Sessions on Composable Products every Month. Trying to implement and integrate the Latest technology stack to make it more effective. To solve the challenging problems and provide solutions for the client and make life easier for customers using the Composable Platform and Continue to contribute to the community.

Gunasekaran Kuppayee Sengodan

With my experience in development, I understand DxP platforms, CDP, DAM, eCommerce, and analytics, Boosted by all certifications. I have applied these skills to enhance digital experiences. In 2023, I remained active in the community, contributing through blogging and being part of the Sitecore Hackathon, where I submitted a library for Content Hub ONE, NEXTJS. I also presented at SUGCON India on XM Cloud Migration tips and contributed as an organizer for SUGHYD. Together, these activities make me the best candidate for this recognition. I'm excited to contribute and learn from the DxP community.

Madhumidha Anbalagan

I believe I should be selected as a Digital Experience MVP for my contributions to the ecosystem. Community Leadership: Organized and managed multiple user groups, demonstrating strong community leadership. Speaker at Meetups: Actively participated as a speaker in numerous meetups, sharing knowledge and expertise with the community. Blogging Expertise: Maintain a blog that shares valuable insights and experiences related to digital technologies. SUGCON-NA Organizer: Contributed significantly to the Sitecore community by serving as an organizer at SUGCON-NA. Mentorship: Acted as a mentor, providing guidance and support to aspiring digital professionals.

Balaji Kandasamy

Vocal Advocacy: I have been an active advocate for Sitecore within the community, consistently promoting the platform's benefits and capabilities. User Group: I am running PGHSUG, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among fellow enthusiasts. Meetup Speaker: I have shared my expertise and insights by speaking at multiple Sitecore meetups, helping others learn and grow within the community. Blogging: I have contributed to the community through informative blogs, sharing real-world experiences and knowledge to benefit others. Event Organizer: I played a key role as an organizer in SUGCONNA. Mentorship: I have dedicated my time to mentoring others, and helping them navigate.

Srikanth Kondapally

With close to 15 years of experience working in the digital space, I believe, I am a suitable candidate to express my interest in getting elected as a Digital Experience MVP. I started my career journey working on Sitecore and later expanded to other platforms as well like Coveo,, etc.,. This has helped me in implementing and accomplishing many successful projects for our customers and help on their digital journey. In free time, I try to help out the digital community team members my sharing my skill set and my learning experiences working with multiple digital platforms.

Matthew McQueeny

I have been working across digital experience for 20 years, starting with blogs and journalism, then content management systems, Digital Experience Platforms, podcasting, digital marketing strategy, social media, and everything encompassed in this digital domain. My philosophy deep down is about bringing people together, creating content opportunities from these connections, and trying to "raise all boats" for the industry. I continually connect at a personal and professional level with companies, individuals, and thought leaders across the industry. I believe that through these connections and amplification, 1+1 consistently equals much more than two.

Sreekrishnan K S

I should be selected as a Digital Experience MVP because of my commitment to advancing digital experiences through Sitecore's powerful platform. With proven history of successfully implementing and optimizing Sitecore solutions, I have constantly demonstrated the ability to drive overall customer satisfaction. I am constantly staying updated to latest technologies within and outside of Sitecore and have passion to share knowledge and best practices through webinars, blogs and sessions, which makes a best candidate for this recognition. I will keep contributing to the community and help elevate digital experiences for brands and users.

Himadri Chakrabarti

For over twenty years, I've implemented Digital Experience solutions for clients across various renowned platforms. This journey has equipped me with a profound grasp of technology and architecture, which I've consistently shared with our community. The Digital Experience realm is undergoing rapid transformations. Staying updated requires both imparting our insights and learning from peers. Honoring me with the Digital Experience MVP title would not only acknowledge my efforts but also bolster my dedication to fostering progress in this dynamic domain.

Matt Boland

I produce thought leadership and evangelism based on the most overlooked aspect of the Digital Experience, the invisible experience. That experience that is not seen, but carries the weight of the entire End-to-End Commerce Experience. Intrigued... then call me and take me to the next phase of this award and we will talk about it!! Matt Boland Körber Supply Chain Software

Chirag Goel

I am a suitable candidate for being a Digital Experience MVP due to my ample understanding of DxP platforms like Sitecore CDP, Sitecore Personalize and many more. I am continuously sharing my knowledge with the community with the help of my blogs. My devotion to creativity and community involvement is an ideal match for being the MVP. I'm excited to share my expertise, and make an impactive contribution to the community. I will be really happy to contribute to Digital Experience community with my knowledge.

Ilesh Mistry

I should be considered for Digital Experience MVP because I've been providing back to the community on various topics that cover all aspects of digital experience via my online IM Tech Meetup. I also encourage all levels of speakers from first-time speakers to experienced speakers from all over the world. My event embraces the topics that the community would like to know about encouraging diversity and wellbeing. I always want to give back to the community and provide a platform for others to exceed as well.

Jason Wilkerson

With 25+ years of experience and 10+ years with Sitecore, I continued blogging. I am active with the Sitecore community on Slack. I continue as one of the moderators on the Sitecore Slack. We ensure that the slack community stays open, safe, and inclusive. In 2023, I was an organizer and judge for the Sitecore Hackathon. I spoke at SUGCON Europe and was an individual sponsor to both SUGCON Europe and North America. I presented at SUGMSP and will speak to the Sitecore Headless Usergroup in November. I am the lead organizer for SUGMSP, pulling together logistics, speakers, and venues.

Conrad McDougall

I have been pushing the boundaries of technology across multiple companies in various ecosystems. I pride myself on connecting with intelligent leaders in these spaces to drive success and value. Whether it be spreading the word of AI via my time at Coveo, or that of composability with Netlify, I am a true ambassador of bleeding-edge technology and enjoy working with all the amazing folks in the Digital Experience community. Folks who know me well would say I am an ambassador of quality tech, and am very active in creating value for everyone I connect with!

John King

John has 10+ years of MarTech experience in the Healthcare, FMCG, leisure, travel & tourism industries. He has 9+ years of experience implementing Sitecore platforms and data-driven cc-led digital strategies, website optimization projects, CRM integrations, and performance dashboards. John's role at eHealth Queensland entails him working with hospitals and health services to formulate statewide enterprise strategies and ICT planning initiatives which are the foundation for funding Queensland Health digital ecosystem upgrades and the statewide electronic medical record rollout.

Amitabh Vyas

With more than 18 years of Digital IT experience spanning diverse sectors like Banking, Manufacturing, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Retail, and Technology, I possess a broad skill set as Digital Martech Solution Architect. My expertise includes Architecture Design, project leadership, Agile project execution, client interaction, and requirement gathering. I'm also an accomplished technical blogger and public speaker. I specialize in driving Martech architecture, offering solutions to project teams, and leading projects within this realm. My broad technical leadership extends to impacting significant technical direction and driving change, earning a reputation as a thought leader in the technical community.

Naveed Ahmad

Naveed Ahmad, a Group Manager at Avanade, boasts extensive experience in the digital experience realm. His active participation in the Sitecore and Coveo community via blogs, Github repos, videos, organizing and presenting at user group meetings underscores his dedication. Naveed's expertise as an architect has yielded innovative solutions for clients. His collaborative spirit and technical prowess make him a strong contender for the 2023 Digital Experience MVP Awards, reflecting his commitment to enriching the Sitecore ecosystem and fostering digital excellence.

Richard Hauer

I love to create things. Things that people find useful. I've been doing it for over 25 years, but over the last 15 years I've found that I also love to share this sense of pride and accomplishment with other developers, teaching them how to create things they are proud of, things they want to share with the world and are happy to see their name on. I've been doing this with my development team and through the wider Sitecore Community with the Sydney User Group and SUGCON ANZ annual conference, Slack and StackExchange sites that I helped to establish.

Tobias Studer

I believe that sharing knowledge is the key to make teams and communities better. By sharing my experiences through conferences, user groups and blog posts, I am committed to contributing to the collective knowledge of the community. As a co-founder of the Sitecore User Group Switzerland, I helped create a platform for others to do the same for the last 9 years. By joining the organization team of a community conference this year, I'm looking forward to offer an opportunity for many more people.

Sathish Balakrishnan

I am well-suited to be a Digital Experience MVP due to my extensive experience with DxP platforms, CDP, and Data analytics. Over 25 years, I have successfully applied these skills to enhance digital experiences. My commitment to innovation, data-driven strategies, and community collaboration aligns perfectly with the MVP role. I'm eager to contribute, share insights, and advance our digital landscape collectively. My track record of implementing cutting-edge technologies and my dedication to continuous improvement make me a strong candidate for this role. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to this community and help shape the future of DX.

Amit Gupta

With 18+ years in digital strategy for top-tier brands like Nestle, Starbucks, and Kimberly-Clark, I am a seasoned Product Manager, holding CCXP, XMP, and XM Scientist certifications. I contribute weekly to "The Unforgettable Academy" Newsletter for students and professionals, serve on CXPA's DEI panel, and mentor students on digital experience platforms. My expertise spans end-to-end ownership of consumer-centric digital products, emphasizing website optimization and personalization. Being chosen as a Digital Experience MVP would not only honor my past endeavors but provide a platform to further enrich the digital experience discourse within the community.

PAUL Abdool

Community Advocacy As the Global Director of Partnerships at my firm, making connections and participating in communities is not only my job but it is fun. I get the opportunity to share ideas from the "streets" (communities around the world) with my colleagues (Developers, Customer Success, Product and Senior Management), the folks in "lab", to help us all make things better for our customers. This year I was able to facilitate several connections between my connections that enabled the sharing of their insights. I participated in podcasts and live events to learn & share diverse thoughts in this digital ecosystem.

Timothy Marsh

The last few years for me have been absolutely amazing. After working with a monolith CMS for so a long time I was thrust into the world of SaaS. Working with the DXP/CMS/DAM and creative automation platforms for the past few years to do real digital transformation in global brands. I have been sharing constantly with the community and for me it's about giving back something that can help at least one person.

Nabil Orfali

I spent the last 25 years working on architecting, building, and delivering digital experiences, and I created a cutting-edge AI-powered DXC to help digital teams and DX professionals build amazing DX 10x faster - Also, I was one of the first supporters of the DX Community and participated in a webinar series about visual editing approaches to help educate the community about different available options.

Brian McKeiver

I've been working in the greater CMS/DXP world for over 14 years now. I actively share knowledge and encourage growth by speaking at national conferences, writing on my own tech blog, and hosting the Kontent Rocks podcast. At BizStream, I lead projects that showcase creative digital solutions for our clients. My goal is to engage more people and promote good practices in our industry. I'm honored to be recognized as a Microsoft Azure MVP, MVP, and Kentico MVP. Being named a Digital Experience MVP would highlight and support my ongoing efforts in the tech community.

Sumith Damodaran

With over two decades of experience in the technology. My journey began at the dawn of the tech era, allowed me to earn the epithet of "Transformation Guru". This foundation was further solidified by my successes both tech, which subsequently propelled me into the realm of digital transformation consulting. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of serving numerous multinational corporations, to ensure the seamless integration and adoption of digital strategies that I actively contributed to the community by sharing knowledge through blogs, webinars, workshops, or public speaking engagements, also developed tools plugins many in the community find valuable

Klaas-Jan Meijer

I have been helping C-level leadership with digital strategy, performance marketing, enterprise architecture, technology evaluation, and selection for 13+ years. I have covered 10+ content management systems, CRM / CDP selections, PIM, and ERP. It is challenging for complex organizations to choose the right technology for their digital strategy, manage data, content, and IT, select the right partner, ensure adoption, and manage change, This is my passion. I love to share and educate. If I were to become a digital experience MVP, this is how I will be contributing. I am currently a strategy MVP.

Mickey Aharony

With my experience in content strategy and SEO, I have successfully driven revenue and growth through a carefully tailored content repurposing strategy. I have showcased my leadership abilities in managing teams and forging impactful partnerships, delivering fruitful campaigns, implementing business development strategies, and enhancing customer engagement. I deeply understand diverse audience segments, have cultivated developer relations, and have orchestrated prosperous mentorship programs. This track record underlines my comprehensive expertise in digital experiences.

Venkatesh Kannan Gopalakrishnan

I deserved for MVP. Because I am proposing customers about Sitecore products benefits instead of going with other tools. Built lots of websites and web applications in Sitecore. Cost effective and time effective tool for their organisation. Educating the fresher about Sitecore benefits.

Nikhil Kulkarni

I believe I should be selected as a Digital Experience MVP because of my deep knowledge and expertise in the field of digital experiences. My ability to provide innovative and valuable insights, my commitment to staying up-to-date with emerging trends, and my dedication to helping the community navigate the complex landscape of digital experiences make me a valuable candidate for this role.

Roel Kuik

I dedicate my time helping businesses and the community to improve their digital experience maturity through better leveraging the existing technology, and helping them to create a digital marketing roadmap by determining where they are now versus where they want to grow to. I was awarded Kentico Marketing MVP for exactly this reason. Plus, I am an okay guy to be around :)

Michael Andrews

My career has been focused on sharing knowledge and best practices. I've been a community director for the global Content Strategy Forum, an active participant in several professional groups, including the DX Community, been a content strategy evangelist for two vendors, presented at many conferences (Button, Information Architecture Conference, LavaCon, etc.) on best practices, a contributor to the community, a presenter at meetups and discussant in podcasts, and a writer contributing to company websites as well as my own blog, Story Needle.

Public Election

Once the site is updated with the Names and the application links, we will enable a Public Poll on the community Slack. At the end of the month, the results will be tallied, and the top 30% of the results will move to the Closed Election phase.

The list of applicants is listed on this page.

Public Election Results

DX MVP 2023 Public Election Results

Closed Election

This phase begins once the public election is completed. The shortlisted group of individuals each gets to vote for any shortlisted candidates other than themselves. This phase will be open for about 5 days. Up to 5 MVP's will be selected.

DX MVP 2023 Closed Election Results


As a Most Valuable Professional (MVP), you are expected to exhibit specific criteria demonstrating your dedication to your field and willingness to contribute to the community.

Sharing knowledge and insights on various platforms can raise awareness about significant developments and inspire others to contribute to the community.

All activities must be carried out within a calendar year.
Sharing knowledge is a fundamental criterion for being an MVP.
Create blog posts, produce informative videos, or present at user groups and conferences.
Being an MVP does not require selling licenses or promoting any specific vendor.
The MVP program is community-run and values individuals dedicated to evangelizing and promoting their field on social media.
If an MVP works for a software vendor, they must promote other technologies to be considered.
MVPs must contribute to the community and advance the field.

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