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The Digital Experience Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is a prestigious award program that acknowledges exceptional individuals championing the latest digital technologies in digital experience. The Digital Experience MVP award celebrates the achievements of developers, technologists, strategists, and marketers shaping the digital landscape with their expertise and innovative ideas. The program is community-led and impartial to vendors, reflecting a commitment to advancing the field.



One of the most significant benefits of being an MVP is the opportunity to showcase your expertise and build your reputation as a thought leader. Members of the Digital Experience MVP Community and program demonstrate their knowledge, contribute to the community, and gain recognition as highly-skilled professionals.

The MVP program is also a valuable resource for anyone passionate about creating digital experiences and wanting to grow in their career or stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. By participating in the program, MVPs can acquire new leads and critical thinking skills, deepen their knowledge, and develop their professional network. Each member’s participation has “the tide raises all ships” effect, thus creating sustainable and consistent growth for the DX community and its members.


The Digital Experience MVP award recognizes outstanding individuals who have demonstrated excellence in various dimensions of the digital experience domain. The Digital Experience MVP award aims to celebrate professionals who have significantly advanced the field of digital experience, regardless of the specific trait(s) they embody. Nominees for this prestigious recognition may possess one or more of the following key traits:

Technical Prowess

This trait celebrates technologists, developers, architects, and DevOps professionals who exhibit remarkable skills in building cutting-edge solutions that enhance the digital experience. Their technical expertise drives innovation and ensures seamless user interactions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Emphasizing the significance of customer experience professionals who excel in creating positive and meaningful interactions throughout the customer journey. Their dedication to meeting customer needs fosters loyalty and drives business growth.

Community Advocacy

Highlighting individuals who are passionate about fostering an inclusive and collaborative digital experience community. They actively share insights, raise awareness about advancements, and advocate for a vendor-agnostic approach, leaving a lasting impact on the digital experience landscape.


As a Most Valuable Professional (MVP), you are expected to exhibit specific criteria demonstrating your dedication to your field and willingness to contribute to the community.

Sharing knowledge and insights on various platforms can raise awareness about significant developments and inspire others to contribute to the community.

All activities must be carried out within a calendar year.
Sharing knowledge is a fundamental criterion for being an MVP.
Create blog posts, produce informative videos, or present at user groups and conferences.
Being an MVP does not require selling licenses or promoting any specific vendor.
The MVP program is community-run and values individuals dedicated to evangelizing and promoting their field on social media.
If an MVP works for a software vendor, they must promote other technologies to be considered.
MVPs must contribute to the community and advance the field.


The MVP selection process is based on Transparency, Authenticity, and Community. The whole selection process is transparent. Anyone who meets the criteria can apply or be nominated for free. There is no fee associated.


During this phase, we encourage people to submit their applications/nominations based on the predefined template. This phase will be open for about 30 days. Following this phase, we gather the entries and create an election poll with links to individual's information.

Public Election

Once the site is updated with the Names and the application links, we will enable the Poll similar to the example shown below for a month. At the end of the month, the results will be tallied, and the top 15% of the results will move to the internal Election phase. This phase will be open for about 10 days.

Closed Election

This phase begins once the election is completed. The shortlisted group of individuals each gets five votes to vote for any shortlisted candidates other than themselves. This phase will be open for about 5 days.

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